John Waters once said of Baltimore, "You'll never discover a stranger city with such extreme style."

Baltimore has guts. This city has an electrifying third rail that creatives hitch themselves to, its electric current pulsing through their work. If you're an artist, designer, creative thinker, entrepreneur, social justice advocate, or all of the above, you'll find that Baltimore offers advantages not found in other large urban centers.

As an anchor institution in the city of Baltimore and as a leading art school known for our social engagement, 足球游戏_中国足彩网¥体育资讯 is contemplating and taking bold steps to support the city's creative ecosystem by empowering entrepreneurial practices, unbound by transdisciplinary creations and widened by increasing connectivity with non-arts sectors.

At 足球游戏_中国足彩网¥体育资讯, we take pride in our role as a catalyst and innovative partner with others to ignite creative energy and social good in Baltimore and the world beyond.

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Making Connections

A 足球游戏_中国足彩网¥体育资讯 education is all about making connections - on campus, in Baltimore, and around the globe. It's about engaging with people from different backgrounds, and different perspectives on art and design. And, it's also about how your life and your vision can impact your community and even change the world.

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